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Small Ways You Can Save Mother Earth

It is always our greatest aspiration to protect the environment and to make the world a better place. However, our busy lives and personal issues somehow make us think that making a difference shouldn’t be our top priority. Likewise, we could get discouraged easily but going green is much easier than what we expect it. […] Read More

Tips for An Effective House Cleaning

What if you are cleaning your house the wrong way all this time? Most of us tend to do “zone cleaning” where we focus in one room for hours then we’ll get back to the next room some other day. Doing super cleaning job is okay. However, it is not the most practical method of […] Read More

Good Hygiene Habits for Children

We tend to become over-compulsive regarding cleanliness, so we make sure that our kids are practicing good hygiene all the time. It is more than hand-washing since hygiene is a habit that we start to established when we were young kids. Teaching them proper hygiene is easy but encouraging them to do it on a […] Read More

Waste Removal Services

Waste disposal is one of the serious issues we have in our world today. Each one of us must deal with this problem every single day, and in turn, we contribute to what happens to it – whether it will end up in a landfill, incinerator, plants, or recycling bins. As citizens of the world, […] Read More

Dimensions of Wheelie Bin Info

Note: The bin sizes mentioned on this page is only a guide! They are by no means represent Wizz Binz ranges. Contact us for the exact dimensions. Apparently, we should stay organized whether we are managing household or business generated wastes. However, there are instances when we just can’t determine what types and size of […] Read More