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Easy Ways on How you are Going to Recycle Paper

Paper is one of the widely used material in schools, workplace and at home. If you are going to keep all those used papers from your daily tasks, then you can surely collect tons. And then, later on, those tons of paper will go to the landfills. If every student and worker know how to […]

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Simple Ways of Segregating Wastes at Home

How much waste do you have at home? Do you even know that you are keeping waste? Anyway, wastes are supposed to be disposed properly. Aside from that you must not mix all those wastes. You have to learn how to segregate them. Separating the dry and the wet waste is needed. This is one […]

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Tips on Separating Wastes

As a responsible citizen and a home owner in one community, you must know how to manage your wastes. This is one way of helping the community‚Äôs clean and green programs. Aside from that, managing waste is a way to have a home free from health risks caused by bacteria living in the wastes. Nowadays, […]

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