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Safety at Work

We, at Wizz Binz Skip Bins Perth takes safety very seriously. Both the employer and the employees are responsible for work safety. Most common workplace injuries include on job assaults, vehicle accidents, falling from heights, slipping or tripping or overexertion injuries. These injuries can be minimised or avoided by putting several interventions in place. The […] Read More

Cardboard Recycling

Recycling can simply be defined as the conversion of waste into reusable or useful products. Recycling is not only important but essential in ensuring that resources are used appropriately without unnecessary wastage. However, it is imperative that you take note that not all materials can be recycled. Materials that can be recycled include newspapers, magazines, […] Read More

Asbestos: The Risk

Asbestos is a material that is mostly found in building materials which were used in the construction of houses in the late 1980s.The material can pose a risk and therefore it is advisable that you consult the services of an expert to ensure that you identify the substance in cases that you are not certain. […] Read More

Keep Our Perth Beautiful

Perth is not only beautiful but one of the most exotic places that will simply awe you. Our skip bin hire services were founded by a Perth local thus making it our prime responsibility to ensure that our beloved city is the most beautiful city in the country. Perth boasts a population of more than […] Read More