5 Things You Don’t Know About Perth City

Welcome to Western Australia where every place is beautiful! While this part of Australia is huge, we will concentrate on Perth City which is said to be an overlooked city in favor of Sydney and Melbourne.

Perhaps you are familiar with Perth as the capital of Western Australia, and you should also know that the state offers 19 beautiful beaches! Well, that should be paradise, especially for beach lovers.

Here are five things that you might not know about Perth City.

  1. It offers a lavish lifestyle. Yes, you read it right. Perth ranks as one of the cities with a luxurious and fab lifestyle all over the world. According to an international study, it outranks other expensive cities like Ney York, London, Paris, and Berlin. Imagine enjoying the sun, the sea and an expensive, modern city all at once. Some reports also said that daily cost of living increases over the past years which make Perth ranks 8th of the most liveable city in the world.
  2. It is the sunniest city- compare to other capitals of Australia, Perthians enjoy an average of eight hours of sunlight on most days. People here can spend more time outdoors and wander on the beach as much as they like. Apparently, you have enough time to walk the dog in the park or stroll around with friends.
  3. They have quokkas! -We know Australia has kangaroos and koalas, but most of us might not know that you can only find the “world’s happiest animal on earth” in Perth! We are talking about the adorable quokka that mainly found on Rottnest Island.Quokkas become the main tourist attraction in Western Australia. These nocturnal marsupials are just around the size of an average cat with a rat-like tail. They are friendly little rascals who are game to take selfies with the tourists.
  4. The largest city park in the world. – Kings Park in Perth is a famous inner-city park that is bigger the Central Park of New York. The place is equipped with various species of flowers and trees including rare species. It is also a mixture of botanical gardens, bush land and grassed parkland which are sure to help you feel relax and calm.You can also found here tourist facilities such as the State War Memorial dedicated to the family member of service men and women of Western Australia.
  5. They have the Super Pot and Kalgoorlie Mine- if you want some bling Perth has it. The Kalgoorlie Mine is the largest producer of gold. It is the largest goldfield city. The Super Pit, on the other hand, is a mining pit with 3.5 km length. It is considered one of the biggest human-made structure in the world that even spacemen can see it. It is a combination of nearby small mining operations to a single massive scale of it.

There are just so many things to discover about Perth City. It has plenty of stuff to offer such as foods, vacation spots, festivities, artwork and more.

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