How much passion do you have for Arts?

Passion for Arts is running through one’s blood. So, the moment a baby was born, a new artist was also born. When he grows up, it is either he likes painting, sketching, drawing or simply just loves Arts. It could have been better, if every individual has passion for Arts because this is a good way to kill time. Not only that, if you have skills, then you can use it as a source of income. And then, if you are really good at it, then you will have the chance to become a famous artist in your country or in the whole world.

Lucky are those, who are living in Perth because they have a lot of shows and exhibitions regarding Arts. When it comes to these kind of events, many people, especially the Arts lovers will come to witness the beauty of one’s masterpiece, some people also buys paintings or any work of Art and some has the chance to show their skills.

The Arts Season 2018


This is a really lucky chance for all the citizens of Perth out there, who loves Arts because for the whole month of April, the Arts Season for 2018 is open in Perth’s Victoria Park. We are just on the 10th of the month, so you will still have until the 30th to witness the showcase of Arts in Western Australia. Some artists are coming, such as Lisa Reihana and Bjorn Again.

This is just the third year of the Arts Season and pretty sure that there are more years celebrating the event. Different activities are waiting for you out there. There are also various exhibitions from different towns. This is a very exciting month in Perth, especially to those who are Arts lovers.

Do you know that this event is not just for the older ones because this is for all ages? Every young and old are invited to come and watch different classical and musical shows. There are also workshops for your kids, who would like to enhance their skills. In my opinion, this is a good opportunity for them to mingle with the other young kids. This is also a good time for them to enjoy their early Arts experience. So, if you have kids and you know that they are interested in Arts, then bring them to the event.

If you would like to know more about the Arts Season, then here is a good source.

The Group Art Exhibition in Perth

When it comes to the Arts, pretty sure that many people in Perth appreciate it. Who does not have passion for the Arts, anyway? Do you know that Arts is both for young and old? Do you know that this passion starts at a very young age? That’s why if you will notice young kids and if you will observe the way they draw, paint, choose colors and even how they dress, then you will see that they know how to match things. You must know that with such cutie ways, the kids have started appreciating Arts.

By the way, there is a very good news for our fellow young and old as well as amateur and professional artists out there. Do you know that there would be a Group Arts exhibition that will happen in Perth and they call it Shared Pallete? The event will start on April 3 and it will end on April 22. You can come to Houghton Gallery, 148 Dale Road, Middle Swan, WA 6056 to witness the event. Pretty sure that artists from different cities will not miss this event.

What about the Shared Pallete?

This Arts exhibit is free for every young and old. This would surely be a great opportunity, too, for every family to spend time with. Anyway, there are different talented artists from the locality, who is coming to the event. They are going to showcase, of course, their latest masterpiece as well as their handcrafted wares.

Different painting styles will be shown there, such as oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel as well as encaustic wax and glass art masterpieces. These artists use different Arts mediums. By the way, if you would like to meet all these artists, then come on the 7th of April because they will all hang around. And then, if you would like to buy those masterpieces, then they are all available for sale.

Who are the artists?

  • Jan Day

She is a known oil painter. Her paintings depict Goldfields as well as outback and birdlife subjects.

  • Lyn Isted

She is just actually new in the field of Arts. She loves working on different pieces made of oil, acrylic and encaustic wax.

  • Felicia Lowe

A multi-award winner artist, who focuses on different landscapes in Australia and flowers, using acrylic and soft pastel.

  • Caroline Muscat

She likes acrylic painting of human form and landscapes.

  • T’Louze Artistry

The sisters, Lorraine Chaplin-Mills and Terry Ferrier creates masterpieces made of glass.

You can get additional info by following their social media page.

The Easter Garden in Perth

Most Christian countries are celebrating Easter in different ways. Some people travel to different parts of Perth during this Easter week, some stay at home while some are waiting for the Easter Bunny. People believe that this is a special day because it commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and bringing back to life. This only means that Easter is a symbol for people to have hope, keep holding on in life and a start of a new beginning.

Many countries celebrate the Easter Bunny. According to the old folks, this Easter Bunny brings eggs during the Easter. And then, during this celebration, the Easter Bunny lays eggs, decorates it with beautiful colors and then, hides it for children to search for it. Anyway, those who can find the Easter Eggs have corresponding prices and of course, they can keep those eggs they found. This is actually a very exciting day for every kid.

How’s the Easter Bunny in Perth?

Do you know that Perth is also celebrating the Easter Bunny? Do you think that everybody in Perth just keeps themselves busy working, studying and traveling somewhere? Of course not, they really do have Easter celebrations every year.

Perth will be celebrating the Easter Garden and it will be held at the Garden City Shopping Centre, 125 Riseley St., Booragoon, Western Australia. The event started last 23rd of March and it will end on the 2nd of April. Anyway, on the said dates, the Easter Bunny will be giving away chocolates.

This is a perfect event for every family because the celebration is open for all ages and then, there will be no entrance fees to pay. It means that the admission fee is free of charge. Isn’t it great? So, when you come to the venue, pretty sure that you will find a lot of young kids out there, waiting for the Easter Bunny. Pretty sure that these young kids are all excited to get their Easter Eggs.

What’s really nice with this event is that many kids are even wearing bunny clothes and bringing baskets filled with colorful eggs. They just want to experience how it feels like to be an Easter Bunny. By the way, there are also teens and older ones, who puts on Easter Bunny costumes and other bunny accessories like headbands to show that they are also celebrating the Easter.

Anyway, if you are not sure where to find the venue of the event, then you better check this out.

Bike Week in Perth

It could have been better if every young and old have daily routines or activities, such as walking, jogging and cycling to keep physically fit. Do you know that if you have regular activities that can help you in maintaining a healthy body, then you will be far from sickness? Our society is already facing various waste management problems, which affects everybody’s health. So, if we can have a healthy lifestyle, then the risk of acquiring diseases is low.

If you are staying in Perth, then you must be aware that there is a bike week event that is happening around. It could have been better if we can join and participate to show our support for the said program. This event is not just for every resident and visitors to show. But, this is something that may change our lives. This is a program that may push us to start doing physical fitness activities.

What about the event?

The Bike Week is a yearly celebration in Western Australia and it is all about bike riding. This program is under the Department of Transport and the WestCycle, who are helping different organizations in running bike events. This event started last March 16, so those who haven’t participated yet still have time to come and join until March 25.

This event is a fun for all event because it is open to all ages. So young and old are welcome to join the community of cycling. It doesn’t matter if you are a cyclist or you just bike occasionally. As long as you are interested in cycling, then you are in. it is not really necessary for you to be a cyclist because different activities are prepared for everybody.

Do you know that this event has been running for over 30 years now? It has been playing a special and important role to promote the bike riding all over Western Australia. For your information, for the past years, there had been several events. They have social rides, a two-wheeled treasure hunting, bike breakfast, the Ride2School Day, various workshops as well as comedy shows and pedal-powered film screenings.

On the 20th of March, we have programs, such as the Beyond the Wheelchair, Bike Maintenance Workshop and Commuting by bike workshop. On the 21st of March, we have programs, such as the Ebike demo, Cambridge Ride to Work breakfast and Boddington bike riders breakfast.

To read more news and stories about what is happening in Perth, then you better get to my recommended site.

What to do this weekend night in Perth?

Pretty sure that you have so many things in mind this weekend. There are gals and guys out there, who surely have plans of what to do and where to go. Aside from that, you are surely thinking of what to eat with family or friends.

I know exactly where everybody would like to come. Do you know that there is a night noodle market in Perth this year? The event started last March 16 and it will end on the 25th. This is something that will surely give your weekend a night to remember. So, what are you waiting for? Let us all start moving, follow the crowd and proceed to Elizabeth Quay, where the event is located.

Expect for assorted delicious Asian cuisines in this event. You will find there Malay street foods from the Bunga Raya Satay and Sambal Kampung. There are also street foods from the traditional Vietnamese delicacies of Saigon Eats. If you are craving for Thai traditional dishes, then you may try the Bangkok Jump Street foods the spicy foods from the Shallot Thai. If you feel like eating something from Japan, then you may try dumplings and other street foods from the Miss Chows and the Gyoza Joint. There is also another modern food stall from The Modern Eatery of Japan. And then, the Donburi Station as well as the Teppanyaki Noodles.

You can also find here a stall from the creator of the Lucky Chan’s with Bow Wow, selling baos. Another crowd is also coming from the Hoy Pinoy’s meaty skewers, who is based in Melbourne. How about a taste of Korean twist potato from the Twistto and then, for freshly waffle is the Waffleland.

Are you getting excited now? This news is really a mouth watery one, right? Catch that mouth and don’t let it fall. So, do you now have an idea where to go tonight? Stop thinking about it anymore. All you have to do is plan about your night on the night noodle market.

Pretty sure that after this night out, you will surely crave for Asian street foods. This might be a start of your Asian tour plans in the future. Asians love cooking delicious meals. So, if you are going to Asian countries, then you can have more.

If you want to know more about what food is served on the night market, then allow me to move you to the page.