Why Clean-up Day Australia is Important

Pollution has become a major worldwide problem in both developing and first world countries which poses major health issues and is a threat to biodiversity. In the past 26 years in Australia each year a day is set aside for thousands of volunteers to come together and clean up their local environment by collecting and removing rubbish. Places cleaned include the local parks, waterways, beaches, sporting fields, bushlands and roadways. This year about 500 000 people volunteered and managed to clear about 14 000 tonnes of waste from all states. Including our city Perth.

cleanup australia

Why is it important? A clean place is a safe place! Australians are second highest producers of waste per person in the world. Every year vast amounts of waste are produced and if improperly disposed it ends up in water bodies and on the land. It takes 1000 years for plastic to decompose and if it goes to water bodies it can cause death to animals such as turtles, dolphins and whales which confuse plastic for jelly fish. As if that’s enough after they die they decompose and that same plastic which was ingested is set free and will kill another different animal and the cycle continues. Clean up Australia day will help maintain biodiversity and prevent extinction of certain species. Rubbish can be washed to water bodies causing flooding with time as most of it won’t decompose but keep piling up raising the water levels. Waste is also detrimental to health, it can cause several diseases so clean-up day will reduce the amount of rubbish not properly disposed hence lowering the risk of waste related health conditions.

During clean-up day Australia people of different ages both female and male take part regardless of culture and personal characters. It is a great time to build relationships with the community for a good cause. Working together is good for people socials and this can be an opportunity for people who suffer from conditions such as depression and isolation as they can meet up with other people and use it as a healing therapy. The local environment is important to people and their families. Communities become more aware of the importance of protecting their local environment. It gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to know your surroundings are clean because of your input in the clean-up day Australia.

During clean-up day, around 80 percent of waste collected can be recycled. Most rubbish found in parks, waterways and beaches is the one which takes time to decompose. This day gives an opportunity for the rubbish to be disposed of properly and recyclable materials to be recycled. Recycling material can save the trees from being cut up for resources and it protects our environment. If we protect the environment it means the future generations are going to benefit from it. We, at Wizz Binz fully support clean-up Australia day!

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