The Impact of Solid Wastes to our Health

There are various types of solid wastes that are found everywhere. Most of these solid wastes are made of plastic materials. There are also bottles, paper and aluminum wastes. It could have been better if we know how to properly dispose this waste because they can be harmful to our health. Do you know that many people are suffering from various illnesses because of dirty environment and hazardous chemicals coming from those solid wastes?

If we are exposed to hazardous chemicals produced by various toxic wastes, then we are at risk. Do you know that young and old may acquire lung problems? What if this affects the respiratory system too much? Aside from that they may also suffer from severe coughing and that may even develop into a more serious problem.

Another thing is that many people, especially the homeless are living in a dirty environment. These people do not even mind sleeping along uncollected wastes, where rats and insects are hanging out and feeding. What if these people get insect bites as well as bites from those rats? That situation only shows that these homeless people are living in a very poor environment. Therefore, they are prone to various illnesses. The government must do something to help those homeless people and to collect those uncollected wastes.

Aside from that, when these people get injuries, they can easily get infected. With their situation, they can get worse because they have no money to buy medicine and they have nothing to pay for doctor and hospital. What if other people acquire sickness from these homeless people, then this might spread an epidemic disease. That is what we need to avoid because we will all suffer.

Individuals exposed to various solid wastes may also acquire chronic diseases. These people may suffer from cancer because they inhale too much dust as well as hazardous substances or compounds that are found in those wastes.

We should learn how to dispose wastes properly because it is not only the kids, who will suffer from diseases, but also adults. Do you know if these people will not receive an immediate treatment, then they may die.

We are all human beings here, so we must know how to care for one another. This is not just about wastes alone. But, it is also something about life. So, if we will not be a concerned individual, then who will care for the future generation? Read more about waste topics here.

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