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How waste is killing our beloved animals

How waste is killing our beloved animals It could have been better if all animals are tamed and cared at home. But, animals have their own habitat and that can’t always be our homes. Not all animals will feel comfortable living with human beings. That is why wildlife animals must be free moving around the […]

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What are the means of managing waste properly?

Here at Wizz Binz, we continue to support good waste management practices for a better world. Wherever we go, we can find wastes around. You can find the bulk of wastes in crowded places, such as in school, in the office, in the cafeteria, shopping malls and parks. Our homes might not be crowded, but […]

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Easy Ways on How you are Going to Recycle Paper

Paper is one of the widely used material in schools, workplace and at home. If you are going to keep all those used papers from your daily tasks, then you can surely collect tons. And then, later on, those tons of paper will go to the landfills. If every student and worker know how to […]

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