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Why Clean-up Day Australia is Important

Pollution has become a major worldwide problem in both developing and first world countries which poses major health issues and is a threat to biodiversity. In the past 26 years in Australia each year a day is set aside for thousands of volunteers to come together and clean up their local environment by collecting and […]

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What To Do During the School Holidays

Exams, assignments, lectures only to mention a few. Every student understands the horrors associated with these words and yes at some point one deserves a break. School holidays offer a perfect opportunity to escape the usual routine and explore places with family. There are a lot of things to do all depending with personal interest, […]

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e-Waste Information

E-waste is any discarded electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers and televisions. These include goods designed for reuse, resale, recycling or disposable electronics. Such thing contains non- renewable resources such as zinc, copper and hazardous material such as mercury. E-waste is growing three times faster than any type of waste worldwide. Advancement in technology […]

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Safety at Work

We, at Wizz Binz Skip Bins Perth takes safety very seriously. Both the employer and the employees are responsible for work safety. Most common workplace injuries include on job assaults, vehicle accidents, falling from heights, slipping or tripping or overexertion injuries. These injuries can be minimised or avoided by putting several interventions in place. The […]

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Cardboard Recycling

Recycling can simply be defined as the conversion of waste into reusable or useful products. Recycling is not only important but essential in ensuring that resources are used appropriately without unnecessary wastage. However, it is imperative that you take note that not all materials can be recycled. Materials that can be recycled include newspapers, magazines, […]

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