When you mention Perth to someone who is not local, most will say “the most isolated city in the world”. Technically speaking, they are probably right; but to us locals it is more than that. Here, we’d like to share what we know and we love about our beloved city; that is known as Perth.

But before we spill the beans about this great city, let me give you a brief intro about our business. That way, you will get to know us better and will be able to relate to our story published here.

As you know, our skip bins business is located in Perth and owned by a local. We specialise in serving all suburbs South of the River. Suburbs like Kwinana, Spearwood, Cannington, Bullsbrook, Kenwick, Gosnells, Byford, Kensington, Queens Park, Willeton, James, Success, Piara Waters, Bull Creek and many more. We don’t have to list all of the suburbs south of Perth, instead you can simply search on the internet for the full list. Before you know it, you will have a list of the suburbs right in front of your eyes.

Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, let’s get to know our beautiful city more from our (Wizz Binz) perspective:

Perth as we know it today (2017) has a population in excess of 2 million people. Perth is the capital city of our beloved state known as Western Australia, which happens to be the biggest state in Australia. The state’s area spans about 2.6 million km2. Huge isn’t it? Yep, bloody huge if you ask us! But that is just one beauty of it, how about the friendly people? Our refined culture and friendly people has seen record numbers of tourists visit our city every single year. When asked about their experience whilst holidaying in Perth; many will say how friendly Perth locals are and how they are very accommodating. Many will also mention the beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, something that is very rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

What is a discussion about a place without talking about the weather right? Well, we hear you. Weather wise, Perth has one of the best climate around; hands down! We have four seasons, namely Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Don’t know the seasons? That’s ok, let us give some brief description for each below:

Perth Winter

As the name suggest, winter is the cold season here. It officially starts in June and lasts until the end of August. The temperatures are relatively cool ranging from 8-19 degrees Celsius. Some of you might want to know how often we experience thunderstorm here. The answer is occasionally. Rain is also expected in Perth, at times it can be a downpour!

Perth Spring

Following the winter season, during the months of September and November is the spring season. As the name suggests, it is when the flower blooms and temperature is mild and very pleasant. The days are usually sunny and the clouds normally nicely spaced out! It is by far our favourite season. Apart from being generally pleasant environment, the weather also provide ideal condition to hire a skip bin and throw out all the clutter at your house. It’s a win for you and it is also a win for us in that it provides us with more than enough business. One of our favourite spot to visit during spring is Kings Park. The botanical garden there is an absolute spectacle and during spring many flowers will show their true colours! If you haven’t had the chance to visit Kings Park, then we strongly urge to go! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Perth Summer

Hear the word summer and you will automatically think about heat and uncomfortable humidity. Well it is and it is kind of not. Let us explain. Heat… yes, temperature in Perth can reach an unbearable level of 45 degrees Celcius! But if you’re looking at the average numbers similar to that of the other seasons, it is by far the highest. Yeh, we know what you are thinking – it’s summer of course it will be the hottest time of the year. The summer months is between December and February inclusive. If you are local you would of heard the term the “Fremantle Doctor” coming through normally in the afternoon during a summer day. For those outside of the area, the Fremantle Doctor refers to the seabreeze that provides some relief from the heat.

Perth Autumn

The autumn season falls between March and May. We usually experience mildly warm days and cooler nights. Wind speeds are usually at the peak at this time during this year. Leaves tend to cause havoc at this time of the year when they freely fall out of trees! Although a nice sight to look at, the brown/orange colour. But many home owners dread the season because the leaves will be scattered all over, meaning more time spent for cleaning up the areas affected.

Wow, talk about how much you can talk about the weather. See what we just did just then? Just the topic on Perth’s weather took up about half of the content on this page!

Let’s just finish this page off talking about something dear to our hearts here in Perth. That is the only game that matters in the world (well, in our eyes anyways).. that is, Aussie rules football. The Australian Football League is the professional league for the oval shaped ball game locally known as Aussie rules football. The two Perth based teams are known as 1) The West Coast Eagles and 2) The Fremantle Dockers. If you are asking which team we go for, the answer is simple. The Fremantle Dockers of course! We call them our beloved Freo Dockers! We love them to bits.

We eat, live and breathe football pretty much every second of our lives. Now if that’s not what you say taking things seriously; we don’t know what else to say!

Well that is all we’ve got time for to say about our beloved city.

Here’s a youtube video we found about Perth: