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We must dispose of our waste properly because if we do not care about this global concern, then it can greatly affect the environment. If you are not going to dispose of wastes properly, especially the harmful ones like chemical substances, then it will contaminate and pollute the soil. This will then affect the groundwater and can also contaminate the water running through our homes and workplace that are near the contaminated area.

I guess we have to learn how to segregate our wastes, depending on type and size as well. This may only take some of our time and is not a big task so we should all practice segregation to protect the environment.

Separation of Waste

Indeed, through segregation, it would be easier for us to manage wastes and that would be a big help to the collectors who sort these items thoroughly. But you should also know that doing this will benefit us and the environment. So make sure to sort your wastes accordingly and never mix them up, especially the harmful ones. Keep in mind that chemical substances may lead to environmental destruction due to flammable biohazards.

You should know that disposing of paper, plastic, and metals can be done in several ways. These items usually go to the recycling centers and landfills after performing certain processes. Therefore, make sure to segregate these before they are collected for disposal.

Waste segregation falls into categories, such as:





Scrap metal


Residual waste

The mentioned types of wastes are categories that would help the collectors determine which one will go to its designated areas – landfills and recycling centers.

For easy segregation, Wizz Binz Fremantle skip bin services allow you to choose the size and type of bins. So no matter what items you want to get rid of, they can always provide you with the appropriate container.

Since the sizes vary, you can dispose of items from a few to bulky and heavy ones. This means that we can always get the skip bin that we need to put our junk or unwanted items. So either for home or commercial use, we can always rely on them.

This only means that skip bin companies are also doing their best to offer their services and that is for our convenience. In this way, we can all help in protecting the environment and living in an eco-friendly community.

Wizz Binz is a family owned and operated serving the Perth Southern Suburbs.

We (the owners) drive the truck ourselves! So rest assured that you will receive good old fashioned customer service that you truly deserve.

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