Skip Bins

In Australia state governments are often the ones responsible for waste management. In every suburb, at least once a week the bins are collected but they are only of limited sizes and only certain types of materials can be disposed via these. When doing operations such as building waste disposal can be a nightmare. Getting rid of waste can be laborious, and some people often ignore and keep it in their backyards for longer periods causing some health hazards and pollution. Some try to gradually dispose it through the normal bin but as said earlier these bins are of limited size and only allow a limited type of materials. Skip bins are the solutions to bigger sizes of wastes.

Skip bins range from 2-30 cubic metres depending on what load on needs. Basically, all types of waste can be put in a skip although items such as food waste, building material, recycling, organics, general junk electrical gadgets or hazardous items such as oils and asbestos are not permitted. The most widely used bin is the marrel and the hook lift bin. the marrel bin is used for both commercial and residential purpose, it is small and ranges from 2-17 cubic metres. The hook lift container has a hook for lifting and the vehicles are fitted with hydraulic hook lift loader.

Skip bins come with great advantages including their time and cost effectiveness. They are easy to hire as one is not required to physically travel to collect the bins. Most companies require their customers to do an online application and they can pay either using credit cards or other payment methods. They then deliver and collect the bins after the agreed time. It does not only save time and money but it is good for the environment as it decreases land pollution. This promotes safety on building sites as there is no litter. Plastic and paper for example can be very dangerous, it can choke animals such as dogs and cause death or extreme injuries.

I like the idea that things are disposed in the correct way and my work place is safe. Skip companies comply with state disposal regulations, policies and procedures when disposing the waste. It creates space at work and it can be used to create revenue. Most people wonder what happens to their waste after collection. Well, the first stage is sorting and separating the things per material type. The waste is then shredded or compacted into bigger containers then disposed in appropriate places.

Skip bins are just not easy to hire but also affordable. Average prices range from $220-770 depending on the size. One is not required to keep for one standard time, but times vary per customer hence the faster one uses the bin the lesser is the amount to be paid. If one overstays with the bin a minimum fee is charged per month. The fact that they also come in various prices is an ordeal as one does not need to order what they won’t be using hence the smaller the bin the cheaper it becomes.

In Western Australia, there are a lot of companies (including Wizz Binz) that provide skip bin hire, examples are ourselves Wizz Binz and other local businesses. These are easy to find via internet search, which is of great advantage as the customers can choose from a wide range of companies. There are also permanent bins options available for businesses.

Many customers often have burning questions and are eager to know how one chooses the skips and companies. the first and foremost important thing is to know if the price is too good to be true, it is. One should also actually know what they are getting in terms of type of services and duration, this includes checking the fine prints and other costs such as transportation some companies add on after charging. After receiving the bin one should be careful of where the bin is located as I know a friend who was fined because her bin was placed on the wrong place .Another reason is because opportunists and other naughty people can throw things and can get you fined as they can even put things like asbestos that is not allowed in these skip bins .To solve this, one has to put the bin close to the house  where it can be monitored its activities .

Although hiring a skip bin is of great beneficence it comes with a couple of disadvantages just like any other service. At times, it is hard for one to determine how much space is needed and hence one might order a smaller bin that won’t fit all the waste. As also said above other people might use it to dispose their garbage which is not allowed and this can attract fines to the one who ordered the bin. These bins also occupy a lot of space and when placed on the verge it destroys the plants.

Despite these disadvantages the advantages outweigh them. They play a major role in clearing the land and keeping it free from pollutants. In third world countries where skip bin hire is not so popular or rather not affordable only used by builders in most instances, people resort to other illegal methods of disposing wastes. They use other places such as land which is for other things such as residential building and this becomes a burden to the Governments as it becomes their responsibility to clear the mess. If it wasn’t for skip bin hire commercial businesses will be flogged with dirt and they would have less customers interested. Instant waste management company was also not going to be able to clear waste from some common places in Perth. These places include the state of art hospital Fiona Stanley located south of the river, magnificent Elizabeth Quay, Perth bell tower and my favourite the Perth Arena. In the future, they will many more companies providing this service and this will increase the job opportunities in areas of operation. Thinking of disposing some waste? what are you waiting for, hire a skip bin!