Small Ways You Can Save Mother Earth

It is always our greatest aspiration to protect the environment and to make the world a better place. However, our busy lives and personal issues somehow make us think that making a difference shouldn’t be our top priority. Likewise, we could get discouraged easily but going green is much easier than what we expect it.

All of us can contribute in saving mother Earth by doing the little things that have a greater impact to our surrounding. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational company, we all can make a difference. Below is a short list of preservation practices that we can do daily so each of us can take care of the planet and save ourselves. Remember that beyond just a trend, going green should be our way of life.

Conserve Water

It could be one of the most common practices that every one of us should be doing. However, this is not always the case. It is essential that we pay attention to how we use water and energy.

Fix leaky faucets and toilets; use a glass when brushing your teeth and repurpose used water when cleaning the house. You could be wasting gallons of water unknowingly. Invest in good filtration system instead of buying bottled waters.

Conserve Energy

Keep your car or vehicle well-maintained as it contributes to energy conservation. Moreover, it imparts less harm if it has a lower emission of poisonous gases to the atmosphere. If you are just going to a nearby place, leave your car at home and take a car pool or mass transit. Combining errands is also an ideal practice to save gas and time.

Experts recommend walking or riding a bike when going to school or work or when you are out on an errand. Aside from reducing the greenhouse effect, you are also burning calories and getting healthy and fit.

Opt for Paperless Transactions

The rise of innovations and facility systems also help us keep up with our goals to go green. Thus, many business establishments such as banks, manufacturing companies, shopping malls and real estate opt for paperless transactions.

Some schools and even government officers are also practicing this paperless way of communication by using emails and social media platforms in disseminating information. If given a chance, choose a paperless method as well in paying household bills or in doing online transactions and purchases. You are saving trees and reducing the cost of paper production.

Recycle Materials

Recycling as part of the 3R Waste Management Program is essential in repurposing materials to become new items. Fortunately, various companies and organizations worldwide are campaigning for this cause that aims to reduce pollution and waste.

Plastic and glass materials take a lifetime to decompose, and they comprise the significant component of industrial waste. Hence, we should recycle these materials and bring them to a new usage.

Old cell phones, gadgets, and computers contain hazardous materials such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead so instead of mixing those in the regular waste bin recycle them by giving them to organizations that are collecting them for the spare parts.

Donate Stuff

There could be plenty of things lying around your house such as outgrown clothes, beddings, toys, newspapers and other kinds of stuff that others can still use. There are less fortunate people out there that could benefit to the things that you no longer want or need so make a habit of donating them to charitable institutions and orphanages.

Start from Home

According to Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Saving Mother Earth and showing concern for the environment should start at home. Make sure that the family is not wasting resources and the kids know how to use things properly. Teach them the value of waste materials and involve them in your goal of conservation and preservation. Pick up small trash, grow a garden and avoid using plastic bags and Styrofoam.

Remember, this is our planet and taking care of it should be our privilege and not our responsibility.