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Some individuals do not see how cost-effective it is to hire skip bin services in Perth. Indeed it is the most affordable way to get rid of household wastes properly, especially when you are dealing with industrial and commercial wastes. Indeed you have to pay garbage collectors even when you only have to dispose of a small amount since they come regularly to pick up your trash. This only means you also need to spend when you have a huge one and may even pay extra for bulky ones. I guess it is still best to hire skip bins, especially when you have a bunch of items to throw away because this would be cheaper.

You may have money to pay every collector in Perth, but it would be good to find a cheaper means of waste collection to save cut down your household expenses. I know that it could be challenging to find the most affordable skip bin services but pretty sure that there is one in your area. Some companies may even collect as much as $200/2 cubic meters and that skip bin can be used for a week. Let’s say that you can afford to pay them but it would be great if we can cut down this cost.

We have here a few tips to help you on how you can cut down skip bin hire expenses:

1. Estimate the amount of waste.

You should learn to measure your wastes, based on weight and quantity so that you will know the size of the skip bin to hire. If this would be collected every week, then how much rubbish do you think can you produce in seven days and how much does it weigh? If you can measure this accurately, then the better so that you won’t be hiring a bigger skip bin which would be more expensive, of course. That’s why you must only hire what can accommodate your weekly rubbish. However, if you have plans of cleaning out the whole house, then it would be wise to hire a bigger one to keep your surroundings free from unwanted visitors, such as stray animals and insects, as well as to avoid causing bad odor. Just don’t forget to not mix up your wastes.

2. Get a few quotes.

Spend some time and effort to look for the cheapest but reputable skip bin hire company. This is necessary to find your ideal skip bin service You can go online to search for one, read some reviews, and comments about these local companies. It would be good to know much they charge for each size of skip bin so that you can make comparisons. Do not forget to learn about how reliable their services are so they should know how to respect the given pick-up schedule.

3. Book early.

It would be best to book ahead of time to avoid additional charges for late bookings, though if possible, find companies that do not charge late bookings to save some money. When you book early, you will surely get the size of skip bin that you need since you are not the only resident in Perth. By the way, you may feel disappointed after finding out that what you need is not available, so avoid late or rush bookings. Keep in mind to book early, especially when long holidays are around the corner to make sure that you can get one.

4. Select the right bin size.

Since you already know the size of skip bin that you need at home, it is now time to scout for a skip bin company with a wider range of sizes. Smaller companies may have a limited number of skip bins. Therefore, choose the ones with more units and various sizes because this would be more convenient. Always remember that the right size must be booked to avoid paying more since the fee varies and you are charged according to the size.

5. Select right skip bin hire period.

Skip bin companies may collect and charge per day or week. If daily fees are more expensive than the weekly collection, then go for the cheaper one. There is no point in keeping the skip bin even when it is not yet full when you will be charged for extending its stay. This is why it is important to measure how much waste you produce to get the right size. Anyway, always plan your waste pick up in advance so that you can book early and not overdue the skip bin.

6. Pay what you need (right bin size for the right waste amount).

If you can find a skip bin company that doesn’t charge according to the size of the skip bin, then that would be fine. Here, you just need to book with the company and they will send you a skip bin to use. They will come according to the pick-up date and that’s when they have a schedule in your area. Let’s say that they may collect based on the amount or quantity of items and it could also be every collection day.

7. Maximimise space.

If possible, you have to maximize the space, especially when you pay per skip bin’s size. If you have a bulky or bigger one, then remove air pockets. Do not just drop the items in the skip bin because if you can organize them, then you can have more room for your rubbish. in this way, you can also maximize the worth of the rental and not just the space.

8. Identify which types of waste can be placed into the bin.

It is better to discuss with the company the type of wastes that you would dispose of so that they can send you the right type of skip bin. You should inform them what your wastes are when you book one. It could be a skip bin used for garden or junk wastes.

When you need garden skip bins, it means that you have green wastes to dispose of. These items include leaves, twigs, branches, and clippings to name a few. With skip bins intended for green wastes, you should not mix them with other types of rubbish. Green skip bins will only accept green wastes.

With general household wastes, you will be using junk skip bins. This includes old, damaged, and unwanted electrical appliances, such as television, refrigerator, computer, DVD player, and washing machine to name a few. Furniture including mattresses, carpets, beds, doors, and wardrobes to name a few are also accepted.

Since the waste is coming from a residential area, there would be limitations on what items you can dispose of. Items, such as soil, bricks, timber, concrete, and other industrial waste are prohibited. You should look for skip bin companies that collect these types of wastes.

9. See if your council offer skip bin vouchers.

Some councils in your locality may be offering a discount or free vouchers. If you can get one then you may not need to pay anything or you may only pay half of the total cost. You better check out which areas in Perth offers these to the residents and proceed to your local council to avail one.

10. Choose the right skip hire company.

Learn to choose the most reliable company and avoid the ones who just keep on making promises. Some of them have good offers but what you paid is not usually worth it. I guess you better choose the ones that had been operating such a business for years. Pretty sure that they are doing great and have been treating their clients well.  It also means that their employees are experienced and licensed as well that’s why they are still running up to this day. Check the services offered, rental cost, rules, and regulations. If they can offer you the best deal, then you should also hire them, especially when you can save more through their skip bin services. Contact Wizz Binz if you have any further questions.

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