What To Do During the School Holidays

Exams, assignments, lectures only to mention a few. Every student understands the horrors associated with these words and yes at some point one deserves a break. School holidays offer a perfect opportunity to escape the usual routine and explore places with family. There are a lot of things to do all depending with personal interest, age, financial status and season.

There are shops that sale cheap craft items. Primary children can engage themselves in creating and designing some things such as Easter eggs. It is a cheap way to enjoy and does not only keep children occupied but unleashes the potential and ability within one.

Getting together and going out with friends is also a good idea depending on the age of the people. Teenagers can go on cinemas (eg. Hoyts)  to watch movies or go shopping and young ones can arrange some play dates and these require supervision by parents. Check out a snapshot of what’s currently on (taken from Hoyt’s website):

movies website snapshot

Sports are good for your health physically and mentally. During school days, they are limited because of school. To take part in sport one can join sporting clubs such as swimming or engage in community programmes that involve sport such as soccer and basketball. Sports carter for kids from all ages and they are grouped per these ages.

Teenagers can find a vacation job to get some extra dollars. These jobs include a variety of tasks such as packaging and fast food shops. In addition, getting some experience is beneficial to the teenagers as it equips them with life skills, learn communication and time management. In general, a person who started working as a teenager will not have much difficulties getting a job in later stages in life hence it is the perfect opportunity to work. If old enough they may also start learning how to drive as they have plenty of time in hand.

“Teach them while they’re young” as they say; students on vacation can use this opportunity to engage themselves in charity programs and volunteering. I remember when I was a teenager I used to visit nursing homes and play some games such as bingo. In these trips, I learnt a lot from the residents as they would share some inspiring life stories and I made a difference in how they were to spend their normal day. There are so many options out there with something suited for everyone.

Water has a great cooling effect on the body especially in summer it is the best way to keep hydrated and cool. There are water games that students can engage in including water slides and rides. One can also go to the beach and do some surfing, beach games such volleyball and do some castle building. During winter, they can engage in indoor games such as monopoly, checkers and chess. Why not check out your local recreational centre, for example Cannington Leisureplex.

During the holiday, families should also take this as a great opportunity to take a vacation as it is the only convenient time. Vacations are healthy. You may not have the ability to take luxurious vacations however, taking a vacation locally is a great way for you and your family to get away from the usual routine and when it’s time to get back to school you will all have a clear mind and stress free.

One can also use this opportunity to plan and prepare for the coming semester or term. Reading some books also keeps the mind open and gives it an exercise. Books have a wide range from fiction to comedy depending on one’s personal choice. You can also use this time to catch up, relive old times and get the gang together to reminisce about good all days. Last and not least one can also do some cooking and baking.

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