What Size Bin Should I Get?

One of the most common question we get asked is “What Size Bin Should I Get”?

If you know the volume of rubbish you have, then simply use the table below as a guide.

Since skip bin sizes are normally expressed in cubic metres; we’ve created the table below showing the approximate equivalences of cubic metres to standard trailer loads and number of wheelie bins for easy reference.

If you’re not sure, Wizz Binz recommend going one size bigger to avoid under estimating or contact us to discuss.


Skip Bin Size (m3, cubic metres)Equivalent Number of Standard TrailersEquivalent Number of Wheelie Bins
2 m32 Std Trailer Loads8 Wheelie Bins
3 m33 Std Trailer Loads12 Wheelie Bins
4 m34 Std Trailer Loads16 Wheelie Bins
6 m36 Std Trailer Loads24 Wheelie Bins
7.5 m37.5 Std Trailer Loads30 Wheelie Bins
9 m39 Std Trailer Loads36 Wheelie Bins

What Are Your Bin Dimensions?

Another common question we get asked is “What Are The Dimensions of Your Bins?”. Simply refer to the table below for bin dimensions. If you need further help, please call us on 0403 533 433.

Note: Our bins taper down towards the bottom.


Skip Bin Size (m3)Length (top)Length (bottom)WidthHeight
2 m31.8 m1.8 m1.4 m0.85 m
3 m32.8 m1.6 m1.25 m1.2 m
4 m33.2 m1.8 m1.25 m1.3 m
6 m34 m2.5 m1.5 m1 m
7.5 m34 m2.5 m1.5 m1.2 m
9 m34 m2.5 m1.5 m1.7 m

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