Wizz Binz Price List ( 1 to 7 Days Hire)

Our prices are for 1 to 7 days hire, however if you need your bin that little bit longer, we won’t charge any extra (24hrs notice required).

Ring us last with your best quote, and we will try to match or beat it.

WASTE TYPE2m33m34m36m37.5m38m39m3
Light General$180$230$295$450$540n/a$580
Green Garden$180$230$295$450$545n/a$590
Heavy Mixed$190$250$315$480(1x3+1x4) $530(2x4) $570n/a
Clean Fill (Sand, Soil)$190$250$315(2x3) $480(1x3+1x4) $530(2x4) $570n/a
BIN DIMENSIONS1.8L; 1.4W; 850H2.8L Top; 1.6L Bottom; 1.25W; 1.2H3.2L Top; 1.8L Bottom; 1.25W; 1.3H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.2H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.7H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.7H
Please note: No sand, soil or turf can go in the 6m3 Heavy Mixed Bin.