Doing home renovations can be both an exciting and stressful time. The high stress level can sometime be attributed to the waste being produced during and after renovation. Untidy and a cluttered house during home improvements can attract unwanted attentions. Here at Wizz Binz, we recommend the hiring of our Perth skip bins to help you manage your residential waste accordingly. Failing to manage may see you in the bad books of your neighbours or even land yourself in trouble with your local council.

We highly recommend planning ahead before you even pick up your tool! Booking our bins ahead of time will ensure that you don’t miss out due to the high popularity of our skip bins. Some home improvement work can take weeks to complete and that is why offer a flexible hire period terms. Just contact us to find out more on how we can help you manage your renovator’s waste.

Just remember to read our frequently asked questions if you have a question in mind. If you can’t find your answer in our FAQ, then you are most welcome to get in touch with us. One of the most common type of home renovation waste are bricks and lots of it! When knocking down walls left, right and centre; there is no avoiding the pile up unwanted used bricks. The size and dimensions of these unwanted bricks can vary due to the nature of how the walls are being knocked down. One useful tip when managing waste like bricks is to have a skip bin ready and strategically placed to throw the bricks directly into.

As mentioned before, make sure you plan ahead and hire a bin to avoid disappointment! To book, simply call us or use our online booking facility for your convenience.

Who can ever forget wood related waste. Remember, homes are not just built with bricks but wood also plays a significant part. From wooden floors to wood decorated walls, there is a big possibility that you will have some sort of wood waste that you will need to dispose of. Just like bricks, we accept wood waste in our bins provided that it is free from harmful preservatives. If you unsure, contact your local shire to find out more about treated woods.

The size of bin required will depend on your waste volume. Obviously the more rubbish you have, the bigger the bin you will need. Check out our size guide here to help you pick out the right sized one.

In general, the term rubbles refers to irregular broken pieces of building waste. So it may include a variety of rubbish type. For example rocks, broken cement pieces and bits of wiring. Having a skip bin handy when disposing waste will help in keeping your home tidy throughout the whole process.

If you are unsure about the type of waste you have are accepted, feel free to contact us for an obligation free advice. We service South of the River suburbs with short term and long term hire periods available.

Wizz Binz is a family owned and operated skip bin hire company serving the Perth Southern Suburbs.

We (the owners) drive the truck ourselves! So rest assured that you will receive good old fashioned customer service that you truly deserve.

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