#1 Skip Bins Perth South of the River

Covering All Southern Suburbs Including Rockingham

From $180 for up to 7 days hire

Do you live South of the River and need a skip bin pronto? Simply take a look at our price list below to help you decide, then hit the booking button below to secure your bin!

WASTE TYPE2m33m34m36m37.5m38m39m3
Light General$170$220$270$450$540n/a$580
Green Garden$170$220$270$450$545n/a$590
Heavy Mixed$190$250$315$480(1x3+1x4) $530(2x4) $570n/a
Clean Fill (Sand, Soil)$190$250$315(2x3) $480(1x3+1x4) $530(2x4) $570n/a
BIN DIMENSIONS1.8L; 1.4W; 850H2.8L Top; 1.6L Bottom; 1.25W; 1.2H3.2L Top; 1.8L Bottom; 1.25W; 1.3H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.2H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.7H4L Top; 2.5L Bottom; 1.5W; 1.7H

If you’re looking for a skip bin hire company South of the River than you’re in the right place. We are based South of the River and therefore deliver to suburbs like (postcode/suburb):

6100 Burswood 6101 Carlisle 6102 Bentley 6103 Rivervale 6104 Ascot 6105 Cloverdale 6106 Welshpool 6107 Beckenham 6107 Beckenham 6108 Thornlie 6109 Maddington 6110 Gosnells 6111 Ashendon 6112 Armadale 6147 Langford 6148 Ferndale 6149 Bull Creek 6150 Bateman 6151 Kensington 6152 Como 6153 Applecross 6154 Alfred Cove 6155 Canning Vale 6156 Attadale 6157 Bicton 6158 East Fremantle 6160 Fremantle 6162 Beaconsfield 6163 Bibra Lake 6164 Atwell 6165 and many more!

If you are unsure if we deliver to your suburb, then simply call us on 0403 533 433 to find out!

Whilst you’re here on this page, we’d like to know your preference – North or South of the River? Naturally, you will most likely be bias depending on where you actually live. And we don’t blame you! But what would be very interesting is the vote coming from people that have actually lived in both – particularly for relatively equal periods. So minimising the perceived bias, which is pretty much impossible to avoid.

Whether you prefer North or South we don’t mind (seriously). Although we don’t service North of the River suburbs, we can recommend you to someone who does. Just contact us and we shall let you know! As a skip bin hire company, we also like to support other small businesses (as long as we’re not in direct competition.. hahaha).

If you ask, there both advantages and disadvantages of living in the southern suburbs. We’d like to have a yarn all day about it, but then this post will be way too long! So to make this post short and snappy, we’ve decided not to list the good and bad. Otherwise we might get into a heated argument! No-one would like that right?

Just like the endless West Coast vs Fremantle debate… the North vs South debate will continue for many years to come.

We’d like to wrap up this post by saying that we’re the number 1 South of the River skip bin hire company 🙂 Bias you think? Of course!


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